Digital Fantasy Art Beginnings

Digital fantasy art is something everyone can learn. If you love fantasy and want to create your own art you need a few things to start. There are a couple of ways to create your own art. If you are an artist using traditional mediums you can transfer your pictures onto the computer and then enhance them. If you are like many people you may want to create purely digital images.You can start from scratch and do everything long hand or you can choose to use many of the tools available on-line to help you create your own art. If you are not careful it is really easy to run up a high bill very quickly. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can start out with very little outlay. To do this you will need to know where to get really cheap or free resources and what you will need to start. The simplest way is to start with pre created models. These can look very realistic and you don’t have to fork out a lot for them. In fact you can get many for free. Then you will need clothing for them. These can range from almost any style of era. Again it is worth considering the pre made things while learning.You may decide that in the future you want to create your own, but first you will need to learn the basics. Then you will need some form of landscape or background. Finally you will need lighting. Lighting can make or break your picture. fortunately with digital fantasy art you can save, cut and adapt your picture with relative ease once you have learnt the basics. This is not to say it is easy, to do. Like any art form you will need to spend time learning to use the tools and how to create the lighting you want. Many people create things to make your life easier so you rarely have to start from the beginning. However the more you want the more you will have to buy.Once you are proficient at creating your art you may be happy to continue with it or you may want to strike out on your own and learn how to do the more advanced techniques like creating your own models, landscapes and skin. You may even want to do animation at some point. That is the joy of digital fantasy art, you can go as far as you want with it in the direction you prefer. Depending on your knowledge be ready to learn a lot. Most importantly remember to take a break and spend time with family and friends too!

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Alpaca Business, Tax Benefits? You Bet!

Don and Sherry were heading home after visiting their first Alpaca ranch. They had gleaned much information from their visit. Sherry turned to Don and said, “So what are you thinking?” Don looking contemplative said, “I tell you what we sure did get a lot of information, but the one thing that stood out for me were the tax benefits. Lets make an appointment with his tax accountant this week and explore this a little further.”Before I go any further, I am not an accountant or a lawyer and I would highly suggest that you get with an accountant that is familiar with this business. I will not get into specifics, but will introduce you to some of the important benefits that you can explore further with an accountant.Alpacas are what are called a livestock investment in the tax world, and you couldn’t choose a better livestock investment than Alpacas. Why? These animals produce offspring every year. More importantly, they birth females about forty percent of the time, and as the females begin producing babies (crias) the value of your herd goes up.The tax benefits we will talk about in this article will be limited to those that are starting their business by boarding their animals. Are there actually tax advantages if you don’t have your own land and are not actually ranching? You bet!So what are some of the tax benefits?1. If your alpacas are kept for breeding stock they can be depreciated over five years. You will be able to deduct 1/5th of the cost each year, although, the first year allows only for the first six months.2. Building a herd takes time and the I.R.S. recognizes this. They will allow you to defer taxes on your animals. This allows you time to grow your herd and many times not have to pay taxes until you sell them.3. Accelerated methods of depreciation also exist. This allows you to write off a larger percentage of the cost of an Alpaca early in its life.These are just some of the tax advantages to owning and building a herd. If these examples peak your interest seek out a Certified Professional Accountant that is familiar with Section 179 of the tax code. Talk to Alpaca ranchers. They can direct you to a reputable C.P.A. that is familiar with this business.

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